Selection Process

Use of ‘secondary fibre’ or ‘recycled fibre’ has presently become a major economic factor in the pulp & paper industry.

Secondary fiber’ is defined as any paper fiber used a second time as a raw material for the manufacture of paper and board. Different varieties of waste paper make a good source of secondary fiber for Kraft Paper production. These include Local OCC, Local NCC, DSOCC, and AOCC from waste collection centres etc.

One would definitely prefer that the properties of recycled secondary fibres approach those of virgin fibers, and as such the contaminant removal including removals of plastics and pins is most important, since it determined the quality & strength and thus the value of the finished pulp for the production of Kraft paper.

Improvement in the return on investment of any paper making operation lies in increasing the effective production of the paper machine and that is improved machine run ability. This depends on the right quality of pulp stock that is fed to the paper machine. New process technology and new equipment developments to-day have resulted in a system design for the process of pulp and stock preparation
for the recovery of waste paper with lower capital investment and higher efficiency of recovery.